Technical Solutions

Running a business is not easy. With Valiant Entertainment LLC, you will learn solutions to common technical challenges, and have the option of performing your own website management or have them fully managed for you.

Our Strength

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Whether you want us to build and maintain your systems, or build your systems and turn them over for your continued website maintenance, we can help!                 

Our Staff

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve your business's performance by helping you in setting up a website and provide your company with a seamless online presence with integrated online marketing strategies.

Sarah Melanson

Years of experience: 10

Expertise: Social media integration and mobile systems

Reliable Support

Finding and hiring dependable technical employees can be exhausting and expensive. Our program monitors your systems and is alerted to issues so they can be resolved - frequently before many users know they even exist.     

E. Rhiannon Hood

Years of experience: 31

Expertise: Account Management, Client Relations, Online Presence and Design

Alexandra Lyons

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: Graphic Design Expert and Social media optimization

Our Vision

We strive to help business owners develop a solid, worry-free, successful online presence. We will work to improve exposure through the use of social media online sales as appropriate. Find out how we can help you and your business today!